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Hampshire Business Directory - Entire data set


Contact [email protected] to purchase data or buy on line

Buy data which will allow you to Create high quality and accurate prospect lists – resulting in better response rates and improved ROI on your sales and marketing activities

  • Mail merge
  • Print labels
  • Print reports

Allows you to export your data into other file formats such as Excel.

Information provided will be Company Name, Address, Telephone Number, Trade and Email Address. Data field by number of employees is an option for companies to complete and therefore available, this is subject to companies inputting information in to listing.

Due to data protection rules some companies may chose not to release company information. The full data price of £600 is based on 15p per contact x 6000 contacts, any contacts above this figure are considered as gratis.

The Hampshire Business Directory collects data from Hampshire Chamber of Commerce members and non members, Hampshire county Council and is the single most accurate up to date data source for Hampshire Business.

In addition we are able to offer Credit reports – contact [email protected]

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